e-stance’s creation story

From an impasse to a crossroad

In 2016, I reached a roadblock in my professional life.

After fifteen years as a bilingual assistant, I found myself performing similar tasks, or in jobs where the range of my skills couldn’t be put to good use. And I wanted more.
Since my path had never been a straightforward one, I looked at each of my professional journey’s threads, and I chose a way to weave them into a comprehensive whole.

From the Humanities to English

I started at the beginning of the journey.

In my early twenties, I was working on a PhD in Ancient History at the Sorbonne, in Paris. I took then my first sidestep and obtained the Certificate of Advanced English at the British Council in Paris.
And when I searched for a job (strangely enough, a History diploma is not in high demand), I found myself facing opportunities I never thought about, thanks to that English Certificate.

One, two steps to the side, and I was on a corporate path as a PA.

From Pharmaceuticals to International Banking

I worked in a variety of firms - or, as I thought of it, I traveled through a variety of cultures and practices.
I spent almost a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, working as a trademark and copyright assistant at Sanofi, and in the documentation department at Servier.
I also worked in the heart of Paris at the National Bank of Kuwait, where I discovered the world of international banking, and finally moved to Orléans to work in a  European software company.

More sidesteps

At the same time, I pursued my passions on a semi-professional level.

I translated historical articles and worked as a research assistant.
I translated science fiction related pieces and attending conventions in Canada, all the time keeping a fascinated eye on the evolving world of digital publishing and self-publishing, from the geeky subject of ebook formats and distributors to the thorny subjects of copyright and marketing.

Blending the thread into a way forward

These paths have two common themes: words, and exchanges.

Along these journeys, I gained new skills, and from the people I worked with, new understanding.

In return, I also helped colleagues, showing them that you didn’t need to be a geek to use all the tools computers and the internet have to offer, and sharing with them my knowledge of different businesses and cultures.

I grew convinced that to adapt is to grow stronger, and that adaptation is built on relationships and exchanges.

That is the heart of e-stance:
to join you on your journey and bridge together the distance.